As a consumer, we believe that everyone has an equal voice as an influencer and in the power of peer-to-peer sharing. At NEEDS, real life users who buy, use and share a product and becoming an advocate will subsequently drive the usefulness and authenticity of the product.

With transparency of information, everyone is aware of what they are buying. Consumers are able to shop with confidence with the non-existence of false endorsement and overly exaggerated products. We see it as a good avenue to democratize and disrupt the traditional retail experience.

On the other hand, business brands are also given the opportunity to reach new audience directly and create more inspiring and quality products, which ultimately drives conversion and build loyalty. Brands will now no longer need to resort to highly overcharged and ineffective influencer advertising but furthermore, see actual and tangible growth of product sales on NEEDS.

At NEEDS, shoppers, entrepreneurs and brands participate collaboratively to curate a better shopping experience that is rewarding, fun and useful.

Seamless E-commerce Platform

Seamless E-commerce Platform

NEEDS is designed and built to create a seamless experience from start till end as a shopper.

Bringing you through the user journey as a consumer, you browse through products that are driven by other users sharing their experience or moments with their purchases on the platform.

After making a purchase and using the product, you share your experience as well with other shoppers on the platform.

When someone reads it and buys the product through your post, you will earn NeCo. NeCo is a cryptocurrency that shoppers can use to make purchase deductions on NEEDS or even trade on the market.

7 reasons how NEEDS is impacting online consumerism

All-in-one integrated e-commerce and social media platform backed with block chain technology for tracking and management of incentives.

Seamless and convenient shopping without the hassle including sharing the experience.

Peer-to-peer shopping through genuine and useful referrals that provides shoppers the confidence in purchasing a product.

Giving recommendations real tangible value in the form of NeCo – cryptocurrency issued by NEEDS.

Healthy and competitive marketplace – No more traditional brand advertising and brainwash

Most effective marketing through Word-of-Mouth with high sales conversion.

Giving users an opportunity to be an entrepreneur by being a key opinion leader.

How Does NEEDS Work?

how does needs work
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